Wednesday, June 21, 2017

True Love

“Through the meadows and valleys shall thee come
And shalt I await with eyes wide open with the hope of a glimpse of your soul”
Said she the lady through the eyes of a moving reel
I woke up to the sound of movie fans leaving

Tumbled across lazily outside the hall to see the title; “TRUE LOVE” it said
A myth, a legend, a bedtime story
That’s all I knew about true love
Till one day and that was yesterday

They charged with batons a-blazing
Reminds me of Cortés charging the armed soldiers against the panic stricken aztecs with sticks in their hands
They ran with vengeance in their eyes
Vengeance against learned children in worn out clothes, demanding justice; not for them but for the future

She hugged him in her bosom
Hung around like a scarf, that didn’t float away in a raging wind
Her pain and anger rolled in tears
Sobbed in words, pleaded that he be left alone

But the armada had left their hearts at home
Beat after beat they dealt,
So loud that their heartbeat was heard out loud
But she held on, like the mother earth; Silent and crying

A picture speaks a thousand words they said
She spoke a thousand and one
Torn rags hung their blood, sweat and tears
A poor body with a rich soul

She held him strong and stout
Like an olden oak with roots in the grounds
Never let go
For he was her love

Their cries weren’t heard by the heartless outside
Their tears weren’t shared by the heroes online
Their story wasn’t heard by the coward inside
Their love was heard by the world outside

A myth, a legend, a bedtime story
That’s all I knew about true love
Until one day
And that was yesterday

Minindu Ekanayake

“The pain a suppressed, unarmed citizen undergoes due to police brutality is inhuman. Such a person shall never lay faith on the law again”
~ Justice Eva Wanasundara (Chamara Sampath Kumara vs SI Salwatura & Others)

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