Saturday, July 22, 2017

Gypsy Girl and a Prince

There SHE was
Fluttering through the meadows, butterflies envying her
Singing in the rain, larks cooing along her tune
Gliding through by the rivers and lakes, which stop by to gaze her beauty
Young and wild, there she was the gypsy girl

There SHE is
Walking the city streets, attired folk stop by and eavesdrop her tune
Humming her gentle tune, asks she from passers by; “Fresh Fruit anyone?”
Cheerful smiles hiding her broken heart, holds her cents close to her bosom
Sun sets even in paradise and she walks back to the meadows and valleys she belongs

There HE was
The silent admirer, following her discreetly in padded paws
Picking up the pieces of her broken heart, dreaming of ways to put it back together
Flows around her like a dreamy river, longing her silky hair in his hands
Fighting the demons, eyeing the cheerful soul

There HE is
Humming tunes beautiful, birds chirping away
Does she hear? Or does she not? he wonders
The protector, lover, fighter above all, a silent admirer
The setting sun drives him back, back to the mansion guarded by wrought iron gates

There THEY are
Two rivers that aren’t meant to meet
Two songs that aren’t sung tonight
Two sides of a coin

Meant to be, yet not meant to be 

Gypsy Girl and a Prince

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