Sunday, January 8, 2017

Price of Free Education

Walk with me along the dusty roads with scattered dreams
Talk with me as you go along, the wanders of sparkling cities

Dream is what we do, we got all the time in the world
Stream through the seconds turning to minutes to hours

Come along with me to my humble home
Some days I remember when the family hearth glowed

That was when the golden grains nodded to the hymns of the wind
What was once a barn lies in shacks today

Allow me to introduce my father, once the farmer of the golden crops we passed
Follow me as he sits peacefully in the chair with wheels

Pardon me, it’s time that mother gets the herbal remedy
Burdens it does, her chest weary from years of coughing

Sister peeps through the blinds fluttering to and fro
Mister, she’s sitting an ordinary exam this fall

Piles of books there was when I loved what many like to call Science
Miles I did go to the broken buildings of hope; for Life as I saw it was there

Why you ask, didn’t I try once more
Comply I couldn’t for a fee something once free

Life on a platter they said
Strife was mine for my pockets were empty though my heart was full
When did education become a commodity?
Then and there we lost our hope, the glimmering lamp went out

Three A’s can’t add up to dreams for
Free days were over long ago

Sit by and observe as the sun sets in paradise
Goodbye dear sir I’m off to attala, the elephants are mean

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