Saturday, July 22, 2017

Gypsy Girl and a Prince

There SHE was
Fluttering through the meadows, butterflies envying her
Singing in the rain, larks cooing along her tune
Gliding through by the rivers and lakes, which stop by to gaze her beauty
Young and wild, there she was the gypsy girl

There SHE is
Walking the city streets, attired folk stop by and eavesdrop her tune
Humming her gentle tune, asks she from passers by; “Fresh Fruit anyone?”
Cheerful smiles hiding her broken heart, holds her cents close to her bosom
Sun sets even in paradise and she walks back to the meadows and valleys she belongs

There HE was
The silent admirer, following her discreetly in padded paws
Picking up the pieces of her broken heart, dreaming of ways to put it back together
Flows around her like a dreamy river, longing her silky hair in his hands
Fighting the demons, eyeing the cheerful soul

There HE is
Humming tunes beautiful, birds chirping away
Does she hear? Or does she not? he wonders
The protector, lover, fighter above all, a silent admirer
The setting sun drives him back, back to the mansion guarded by wrought iron gates

There THEY are
Two rivers that aren’t meant to meet
Two songs that aren’t sung tonight
Two sides of a coin

Meant to be, yet not meant to be 

Gypsy Girl and a Prince

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

True Love

“Through the meadows and valleys shall thee come
And shalt I await with eyes wide open with the hope of a glimpse of your soul”
Said she the lady through the eyes of a moving reel
I woke up to the sound of movie fans leaving

Tumbled across lazily outside the hall to see the title; “TRUE LOVE” it said
A myth, a legend, a bedtime story
That’s all I knew about true love
Till one day and that was yesterday

They charged with batons a-blazing
Reminds me of Cortés charging the armed soldiers against the panic stricken aztecs with sticks in their hands
They ran with vengeance in their eyes
Vengeance against learned children in worn out clothes, demanding justice; not for them but for the future

She hugged him in her bosom
Hung around like a scarf, that didn’t float away in a raging wind
Her pain and anger rolled in tears
Sobbed in words, pleaded that he be left alone

But the armada had left their hearts at home
Beat after beat they dealt,
So loud that their heartbeat was heard out loud
But she held on, like the mother earth; Silent and crying

A picture speaks a thousand words they said
She spoke a thousand and one
Torn rags hung their blood, sweat and tears
A poor body with a rich soul

She held him strong and stout
Like an olden oak with roots in the grounds
Never let go
For he was her love

Their cries weren’t heard by the heartless outside
Their tears weren’t shared by the heroes online
Their story wasn’t heard by the coward inside
Their love was heard by the world outside

A myth, a legend, a bedtime story
That’s all I knew about true love
Until one day
And that was yesterday

Minindu Ekanayake

“The pain a suppressed, unarmed citizen undergoes due to police brutality is inhuman. Such a person shall never lay faith on the law again”
~ Justice Eva Wanasundara (Chamara Sampath Kumara vs SI Salwatura & Others)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Price of Free Education

Walk with me along the dusty roads with scattered dreams
Talk with me as you go along, the wanders of sparkling cities

Dream is what we do, we got all the time in the world
Stream through the seconds turning to minutes to hours

Come along with me to my humble home
Some days I remember when the family hearth glowed

That was when the golden grains nodded to the hymns of the wind
What was once a barn lies in shacks today

Allow me to introduce my father, once the farmer of the golden crops we passed
Follow me as he sits peacefully in the chair with wheels

Pardon me, it’s time that mother gets the herbal remedy
Burdens it does, her chest weary from years of coughing

Sister peeps through the blinds fluttering to and fro
Mister, she’s sitting an ordinary exam this fall

Piles of books there was when I loved what many like to call Science
Miles I did go to the broken buildings of hope; for Life as I saw it was there

Why you ask, didn’t I try once more
Comply I couldn’t for a fee something once free

Life on a platter they said
Strife was mine for my pockets were empty though my heart was full
When did education become a commodity?
Then and there we lost our hope, the glimmering lamp went out

Three A’s can’t add up to dreams for
Free days were over long ago

Sit by and observe as the sun sets in paradise
Goodbye dear sir I’m off to attala, the elephants are mean

Friday, December 23, 2016

~ What Hurts the Most ~

(Based on a true story)

Along the dusty aisles do I stroll
Graffiti speaks on the wall

Leave I do every morning
From the dusty shack itself mourning

Stroke the smiling mumbling innocent face I do
Wiping away tears that never come out ado

Dirty rags and bruised elfin feet hurt I know
Feet hurt they do but mind cries that too I know

Queens O' Queens have mercy on my little one
Let me climb aboard and shake my tin can O' mighty one

Queen of the south whizzing away empty dreams packed into boxes
Mind your rails for some dreams are worth than empty boxes

As I hold the sleeping baby in my arms
Lament I do over spilt milk once in my palms

Once I too had a dream when my king trod the earth
Speed kills they say, somewhere along the road someone forgot the oath

No cries or wails could bring back a fallen soldier
Cried I did, arid Black Rivers turned cold

So young sir don't look away
My heart wails with every sway

Hear me O' winds of the West
Carry my pain away to the Temple of the West

With every cent that hits the shallow can
My heart pains but my mind thanks for you made me believe I can

Dreams I do have of simple pleasures
Where my little one runs afree of unbound chains

As I walk back home I see dark shadows among the dark aisles
Beckoning my poor mind to delve into walk 'em dark miles
Her cry brings me back to Earth
I remember that I have to light my family hearth

She sleeps peacefully in her ragged cot
As I light up my pot

Looking at the setting sun I ask every day
When will my chains unseen break free? Somewhere Someone says; Someday

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Street

Walking down the aisle I see yonder
The men who smoke cigars laid down with tattered rags
And I wonder their story beneath those ragged clothes and dirty faces
Have their dreams been tattered or have they tattered their dreams?

Walking down the aisle I walk on the steps of giant men
Men who changed the world, men who changed how we look at the world
And I ponder upon the random and uneventful questions popping by
Have they been destined to achieve or did they achieve their destiny?

Walking down the aisle I see winners
Clean suits and hats bobbing by, nodding away at each other, good ole’ morning
And over the yonder I whisper unto myself
Are their hearts as clean as their suit over the sunshine?

Walking down the aisle I see beggars
Rattling their tipping tin mumbling away well heard jumbles into the rumbling bumble of tumbling traffic
And I sit under the “café” serving ten rupee tea with broken handles
Quizzing the facts and the fictions; have their dreams been snatched away by the karma?

Walking down the aisle I near its junction
As I walk past I gaze unto a person, aghast I ponder
Is he happy? Sad? Or angry? Or maybe a just a bit dreamy?
And he smiles back to me from the mirror asking me
“What are you doing here, in the aisle of broken dreams?”

Minindu Ekanayake

Saturday, May 21, 2016

That Night...

Crashing... Over the hills...
Darkness... Swept the winds...

Walking the rubble and dirt...
Feel I  the tears, the screams and the cries I never heard...

Tears grace the graves unmarked...
Shines the silver light unto those who went silent into the night...

Walking the streets once I stumbled upon...
I hear her voice ringing at every corner...

The smiles, the tears and the frowns...
The promises that were never kept painfully lingering in every corner...

Dancing in the rain, the cascade swinging in the gentle breeze...
Sweeps around me the gentle warmth of your shoulder slowly fading into the memories...

Walk the twilight...
Feel the love that was buried beneath the rubble, sealed forever for an eternity...

Beating down upon me cries the skies...
Vain is your attempt for angels belong in heaven...

Buried me in your heart long ago...
Why not bury me in your grave tonight?

Look unto me...
Whisper once more into my ear, I Love You...

Hours rolled into days and weeks and shall into years...
Disappear into the night sky you did, leaving untold stories...

Unanswered questions scattered amongst the dust and grit...
Orange jackets and sniffing tail-waggers can never find answers to buried under them...

Wading through the cries of gods...
Remind myself that nothing's for eternity...

Hear the stories of thieves, rascals, lovers, parents whisper into your ears...
How the night rumbled into their lives like the lights of the skies...

Why I ask the night...
Didn't you whisk me away?

Don't you know that dead men tell no tales?
Pompeii I feel your pain buried under the spits of demons...

Happily ever after in the tales...
Was washed away yesterday...

Take me home O' gods of the skies...
Bury me in her grave...

Monday, May 16, 2016

I'll Smuggle you Ma'am

Graceful Ma'am so lovable, soaring through the deeps
Let me walk through the graceful cabins of gold

Wonder of the seas O' mighty of the seas
Let me take the wheel, steer into the sky full of stars with you

Shine dear shine, glimmer in the starlight as the waters sparkle
Divinity O' Lunar, Dazzle her starboard, my heart sings

for her

Trekking the seas over deeps and shallows
She glides and dances, plucking strings of my heart

O' how I wish she would be mine
O' how I wish to steer her into the deeps where ole' treasures lay

Let me be your captain baby
Let me be your lover baby for I am

Allow me to show you depths you never saw
Allow me to do as Romans do, let me take your hand

Why so silent my love
Let me smuggle you away to Neverland Ma'am

Forget the shores sweetheart
Forget the banks, let's dive into the depths

Let me smuggle you beauty
For you are my La Belle madame

Allow me to smuggle you Ma'am

~ Thoughts of a sailor