Monday, May 16, 2016

I'll Smuggle you Ma'am

Graceful Ma'am so lovable, soaring through the deeps
Let me walk through the graceful cabins of gold

Wonder of the seas O' mighty of the seas
Let me take the wheel, steer into the sky full of stars with you

Shine dear shine, glimmer in the starlight as the waters sparkle
Divinity O' Lunar, Dazzle her starboard, my heart sings

for her

Trekking the seas over deeps and shallows
She glides and dances, plucking strings of my heart

O' how I wish she would be mine
O' how I wish to steer her into the deeps where ole' treasures lay

Let me be your captain baby
Let me be your lover baby for I am

Allow me to show you depths you never saw
Allow me to do as Romans do, let me take your hand

Why so silent my love
Let me smuggle you away to Neverland Ma'am

Forget the shores sweetheart
Forget the banks, let's dive into the depths

Let me smuggle you beauty
For you are my La Belle madame

Allow me to smuggle you Ma'am

~ Thoughts of a sailor

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