Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mothers' Day It is...

Lend me thee thoughts for I shalt whisper unto thee ears
The song once sung by unsung heroes

Behind every bright lamp was there a sharper shadow
That stood by silently and tranquilly

Thou can ponder how sharp an iceberg can be
Yet thou shalt forget how deep it is and how much thou could not envision upon

Let me sing thou about someone who stands in darkness while pushing me to light
Let me walk thou through the vines of life and thee shalt gaze upon and ponder the mystique

There was a human, a great one
Who stood by my side, with a helping hand to lift me up, wipe my tears and take me home

She stood strong, oh yes, let me recall
There was a gale, there was a breeze, but she stood

Her faith in meself never wavered
Through the ups and downs she never gave up the belief that I was special

She made a world for me
And made me her world

Toddler I was with pointy fingers
Counting the notes with numbers she bought me what my finger pointed

Now I am walking on my feet
I believe I was crude, on my feet in her footsteps

All these words and all these rhymns
Can never equal hers which carried me to complacent slumber when I was weeping streams

Allow me to grab a drop of water and show you how vast
The ocean so deep

Napoeleon you were right
The hand which rocks the cradle, rocks the world

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