Saturday, April 30, 2016

Haters gonna hate hate hate...

You can hate. Oh yes. Any idiot can hate. But only a wise man can look beyond a hater. Haters can be incredibly hateful and hurtful. They can pick on you outta nowhere and start attacking you without a pity. The pain and anger blended with the epinephrine (Adrenaline ;p) can make your mind go blackout!

There were many blogs and articles that have produced successful insight into haters on different viewpoints and I too will mostly provide a viewpoint of my own, however that can be shared by any person and adapt into their's.

First of all, haters have a point. That's why you are hurt. Deep down every man or woman has a weakness, every walking talking breathing animal has made a mistake in their life. Sometimes you might consider it a mistake or sometimes you might not. But haters will always record in detail the wrongs you've done and throw a whole trashcan when it fills.

You can simply ignore the haters but when they attack you on public platforms, that's what starts making you really pissed off. Trust me, the hateful experiences and comments I've had can really test a mental capacity!

Haters will start on a simple mistake of yours and add more one by one and when they run short they will take it to the next level by fabricating stories on you that YOU believe would mislead people. According to what the wise men say, no gossip can ever shadow the truth forever, "Every Grey Cloud has a silver ray"

You can discard around 90% of their accusations 'cause it's just pure hate but around 10% usually make a point.

Let me relate you a personal incident that happened to me currently.

There was this guy at my college who threw a dirty comment on a picture I recently uploaded to Facebook and I did not retaliate back, as the Germans say "Forgive your enemy but don't forget the enemy"

He had no relation to the post whatsoever but commented a trash word just to show that he's more superior than I was. I simply neglected him 'cause I didn't want floating trouble.

However recently this guy took on me by criticizing me on the college common whatzapp group for a simple statement I made, that too highly un-probable to aggravate a person 'cause it was "Chillax".

He kept aiming accusations and bringing out my mistakes in my short college life which just started. Most of what he said was self interpreted and highly fabricated. However I made my point clear that I had not done what he accused but deep down I felt a shame in me 'cause I left behind some trail for him to set fire on.

Haters can be eye openers, apparently I was meddling around with my life but thanks to this guy I made myself to understand that I had a bigger picture than him to paint so I shouldn't waste time by teaching him lessons or wasting time meddling around.

Since he insulted me stating that I was quite "un-sporty" and "nerdy" I decided that I should increase my karate practice sessions and compete for an upcoming sports festival.

Since he accused me of being un-supportive to my peers I decided that I step up my helping suit and aid people MORE than I do.

Since he accused me of being "unsocial" I decided to go out more to social events and make myself at home with more people.

It is important to remember that you build your house with the bricks others throw at you.

Try to elevate yourself from the hateful bombards by making self critical evaluations. It'll never be a waste.

It's always better to evade conversation and be polite if you do engage. 'Cause haters are insulting and you don't need their negativity in your life. If you retaliate them with their own language, they will win because you also fall into their category and people will judge you.

What's amazing is that how hateful conversation can trigger people to behave differently. Some might come to your aid and protect you while some people whom you have never insulted or come across might take on you by humiliating comments once the hater begins.

It is important to remember as a Sinhalese proverb says, "'Tis the ripest fruit that everybody's throwing sticks at"

It can be shocking since even your closest people or people you have assisted might turn against you for no apparent reason. If they take personal shots at you, don't worry, be proud. You're a challenge to them and that's why they're bothered enough to try and attack you.

Take what you can and Leave the hate on the floor

Be yourself. Don't change for haters. 'Cause that's exactly what haters want. They want you as a threat to be removed.

Never forget that haters are haters. They can strike up on you whenever they like wherever they like despite the location being quite inappropriate and inhuman.

Never let yourself down. Hate can make you strong if you channel it in correctly.

Don't be sad. But make a constructive evaluation of yourself.

Propel kindness to all that are around you, so that you will not make haters.

What's finally important is when you discover where you are.

Like one of my friends said, "Whose a king, to a God?"

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